Green Screen Technique

Production Journal 

When we filmed our interview with Dave he invited us to use his green screen as a background, we agreed as initially we didn’t plan on using the footage from the interview but keeping it as a backup. After the interview in our production meeting we discussed how the interview responses weren’t quite what we were looking for and agreed we would have to re-structure the doco to incorporate the interview in a better way and to do this we would include the footage.

10380060_10152551454265003_1312150420303596406_o 10830800_10152551454155003_6624406947756483391_o

When reviewing the footage it was clear that we might have a problem using it for green screen as we hadn’t really lit it properly. I managed to crop the footage to make it more usable and found an image that could make our subjects green tint look more as if it was lit like this purposely to match the background.

Unfortunately the bad green screen has limited our use of the technique and so we have to stick to a single image.


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