Photography Carousel Excersise

Today we took part in our photography element of the SISE Carousel exercise. We headed down to Bristol Harbour again and we set a number of tasks to try and take images that capture a sense of place.

Amanda explained to us that this exercise was not about trying to take ‘good’ images but by sitting and watching and trying to capture unconventional images that could be used to get a snapshot of a particular place.

When taking our images we had to consider the available light, framing and weather conditions when deciding on images to capture.

I found the exercise useful in trying to change the way I shoot to try and make my images more meaningful but I did find it extremely difficult when trying to break my habit of taking ‘nice’ photographs. I particularly like my image of the ping pong table as I think it does a good job of displaying a place. It highlights the friendly nature i’ve discovered in Bristol and encompasses the weather and the season while the framing only gives a small amount of information about what is being photographed so the viewer would have to interpret the image for themselves instead of being told what it is straight away.


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