Story Telling Workshop – Production Meeting 2

Having discussed some initial ideas and creating some rough storyboard and shot lists, our second production meeting was used to expand on our ideas and sort through some of the finer details including setting roles, finding locations and creating a production schedule.

Firstly we met with Ann-Marie McCormack who took a look over all our material and discussed with us how we could make some changes to enable the final product to be more appealing to an audience. Ann-Marie introduced the idea of having a man and a woman play our fake poker game which would add an interesting angle possibly bringing some sibling rivalry, gender dominance or sexual tension into the piece.

As we discussed the different background ideas for our story it became a lot easier to think of other elements such as the plot, shot types and props that could be used to convey a message.


Having spent some time discussing our ideas we spent the afternoon adjusting our script, sourcing props and hiring out equipment. We were lucky enough to be able to book the small studio which will be an ideal location for our project.

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