SISE Moving Image Individual Project 1

For my moving image project i chose a location that I have been focused on personally, this is the demise of Barry Island resort in South Wales.


Barry Island was once a highly successful seaside resort and sits fondly in my childhood as a place I enjoyed with family and also a place that introduced me to one of my passions that is visiting theme parks around the world.

Over the past 20 years the resort has declined and there has been a serious lack of investment that has meant the resort is now in a state of disrepair.

Although the resort is now getting some investment I wanted to highlight some of the neglect and in turn create a sense of place for people who may never have heard of barry Island or who may not have visited for many years.

I liked the atmospheric sound and in the editing program I overlapped some of the sound over subsequent clips to add some continuity.

Overall i’m happy with the film and believe it does offer an accurate sense of place. I think it would be interesting if I did the same project again and went for a different point of view, opting for a positive view of the location.

I think this highlights how the choice of shots used can have an impact on the audiences perception of a location.


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