Research Cinematographer – Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom might not be widely known as a big name in in the world of film but he has been a great inspiration from me as I learn how to create films with a cinematic style using modern low budget cameras such as the Sony A7 and Panasonic GH3/4

Philip Bloom is a filmmaker and blogger, he became well known for his blogs and instructional videos centered around filmmaking using DSLR cameras as opposed to conventional high end film cameras.

Based in London Bloom has worked on a number of high profile productions, most notably the 2011 documentary ‘How to start a revolution’. He is most well known for his blogs and seminars that help users set up their cameras in the best possible way to capture images.

Pictures   Photos from How to Start a Revolution  2011    IMDb

Blooms inspiration to me really is his ability to create stunning cinematic images from everyday places while demonstrating the functions and benefits of cameras and lenses. Work that stands out for me is his demonstration of the Digital Bolex D-16 camera where he created a short film around London’s city hall area. I think these shots demonstrate how to use cinematic shots to create a sense of place.



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