SISE Group Project – Tutorial Meeting 3

Production Journal

Our third meeting with our tutor Amanda was a bit of a moral booster for the group. It was the first time the whole group had been present together and a chance for us to show our progress with the Avonmouth Bridge project concept.

Having shown Amanda some of the images we had taken she pointed out that we had in fact unwittingly generated a theme with a yellow accent in most of the images

We discussed what route we would take with the project about the main theme, we could either go down the route of focusing on the people who live in this unusual area or go down the route of showing the bridge as it wouldn’t be seen by the many thousands of people who use it every day.

We took a look of a portrait of work by Paul Wenham-Clarke who documented the London community living under ‘The Westway’ which is a flyover in London under the A40. Wenham Clarkes images seemed to encompass what we could be looking to achieve is we went down the route of highlighting people in our project.


We discussed how we could incorporate images into our project and I suggested we might use them as transitions. We finally arranged a visit for later this week where we will all meet at the bridge and gather material for our final edit.




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