SISE Sound Individual Project – Final Edit

For my final edit I wanted to create a sound portrait that relates to how background noise can add to and emulate stress levels. When working on a project I have noticed how if i’m particularly trying to concentrate on something then the sounds around me seem to get amplified and become disruptive.


I decided to take the sounds I recorded and focus on the more mundane general atmospheric sounds and layer them in the Adobe audition so the track gradually became more intense as more sounds were added. I had to loop some of the initial sounds so they lasted long enough to fill the tracks length, I also had to increase volumes so that they could still be heard when the additional sounds were included.


Although the majority of the sounds were general background sounds I also wanted to include some close up recordings of more detailed sounds that would help the audience understand what they were listening to, I included the sounds of the microwave, tumble dryer and oven being turned on for this purpose. The track starts with a freezer drawer being closed and I wanted to return to this for the end of the track as if the sounds were being turned off suddenly. I included the microwave sound again to finish as I felt it sounded like a heart rate monitor and fitted the theme I was trying to create a sense of heightened tension and stress.

Final Sound File

I think my final mix has the desired effect in creating a sense of place and also works well in terms of creating a mood. I really like the tumble dryer which has a natural rhythm to it. I found the multitrack editor very useful for placing sounds and have learnt the importance of using layers to create an overall track which has a desired effect as opposed to just making a track that has a series of sounds just placed in sequence.



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