Photography – Final Five Images

It took a while for me to decide on my final five images to use in this project. I didn’t take a lot of photographs but apart from the underexposed images I would be happy to pick any of them. I noticed that I had a choice of themes I could opt for, I could just use outdoor images, I could just use Toys or just simply use the indoor shots.

I decided the best way to create the collection would be to go right back to the brief and choose the images that I thought best described the sense of place while also thinking about the influence of Peter Fraser.

I think the final collection works well. I like the greys of the house and tumble dryer and the colours in the toys. I think the colourful towel acts as a transition from toys to the tumble dryer. I think the pictures are made more interesting because they are not just set up compositions. Because I took the pictures as they happened there are little interesting details that you can see when taking a closer look, for example the cat sat on the driveway and the lighter on the tumble dryer.

I think this process has changed the way I take an image, I no longer feel compelled to take a ‘nice’ image and think more now about taking an image that looks good and has a basic implied meaning but also allows the viewer to interpret the image for themselves.


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