Location Initial Recces

I’ve taken on the role of Location manager and have been looking into possible locations for filming. As we require the use of a House we have a restricted amount of options. I’m looking at trying to source locations that are available from people in the group but as i’m the only homeowner I thought it would be a good idea to offer up my space to film.

The benefits to using my home will be unrestricted access and a ready made teenage boys room which is called for in the script. The downsides being my house is in Wales so could cause problems with logistics and would increase the budget because of transport costs. There may also be an issue with the ability for the actors to travel if they have other commitments in Bristol.

after a meeting with Abigail she suggested if we wanted to use the locations in Wales then we should try and find suitable outdoor locations close by for our outdoor scenes to prevent having to move crew too far from our base which would take additional time. I looked into a small village near by in Caldicot that seemed to offer the ‘High Street’ location that we were looking for.



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