1st AD Initial Role Research

Initially I totally misinterpreted the role of 1st AD and it wasn’t until I researched into what is involved did I think it was a role that appealed to me. I wouldn’t class myself as a Director; I have some direction skills and can help in that department but I see myself as more a technical member of the crew or increasing i’m enjoying the administration roles and the 1st AD does seem to fit in as one of the roles i’d consider myself useful in.

During my research I came across a 1st AD called Greg Zekowski. As with most Assistant Directors Zekowski has worked his way through the ranks from 3rd or even 4th AD up to 1st AD. He explained in an interview that his job as 1st AD mainly is a balancing act between Cast and Crew and his role essentially is to get the job done in the time specified. To achieve this he must have a good working relationship with the Crew and to a point ensure the cast are looked after while keeping an eye over everything that is happening and making sure it runs to schedule.

Zekowski explains that one of his key roles is keeping people motivated, this is important especially for the crew and ‘grip’ as they are often seen as unimportant members of the team when compared to the talent but without them it is impossible to get the job done on time and to a good standard.

As I will be taking on the full assistant directors role I will not only be in charge of running the schedule on the day but I have responsibility of the putting together of the schedule,call sheets and associated paperwork. I think this is an area that I will enjoy as my main cause of anxiety when working on a project is not being organised, this role give me the chance to get ontop of the organization while still letting the director and producer tke charge of the creative processes.


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