Initial Interactive Media Ideas – Three Little Pigs

We began our interactive module with a simple story idea based on a short poem my daughter had written. The poem was based on her perceived love of bacon (she hates bacon) but we thought the topic would fit in with the fairytale theme we were given as a base for our interactive module.

Laurens ‘Bacon’ Poem

We took the theme from the poem and tried to create a back story that would involve the use of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ Fairy Tale. We imagined an application that would follow the story of the Wolf after the original fairytale using the key words in the poem ‘Tasty’, ‘Sour’ and ‘Small’ as traits for our characters in the story world.


We discussed how the Flash application would function and envisioned a map based app that was anchored to the home screen with the use of the wolf who would act as a narrator for the story.

While trying to understand this module we became stuck with our concept and realised that we were going about creating our story in the wrong way. We decided that instead of taking an application and working backwoods to create a story, we should first create the story and build up from there. After this realisation and our initial tutorials we decided to start over and create a whole new concept, this allowed us to work with clear heads and create something from the central hub of a new story rather than working backwards from a single interactive element.


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