My Pre-production work on the Varsity/Elections Project

In October I was invited to take part in a Uwe students third year final project for his creative media course. As part of the team I volunteered to be part of the camera crew as I have experience in camerawork from my wedding business and previous and current courses.

As the project gathered pace I was promoted to Assistant Director for the elections, this was to be an exciting role and I had to take part in the casting, sessions with the talent, blocking for cameras and research into similar programmes.

Over the past few weeks due to a lot of stress the project has unfortunately been pulled but I think it will be useful to post some of my documentation that came as a result of my work on the project. It may be useful to some or even myself as I progress in my studies and career in television production.

Below is my Research into BBC Question Time and associated floor plans.

BBC QT Floor Plan (1)

BBC Question Time Report – Gareth Croft


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