Nth Screen – Collaberative Video Application


We were lucky enough to be visited by Tim Kindberg who alongside Charlotte Crofts has developed simultaneous video recording app for mobile devices called ‘Nth Screen’. The application allows multiple users to simultaneously record video footage which is then uploaded to a server and can be edited to create a unique video snapshot of an event.

During the lecture we managed to test out the application and I was impressed with how it worked and started to think of ways in which it would be useful. I suggested it may be interesting to capture global events simultaneously and get a unique perspective of the event from different parts of the world, an example being something like the recent Lunar eclipse.

When considering our group project I think an application like this could be useful for our expanded storyline. Thinking about the end result of our transmedia project we envisioned a protest taking place at a courthouse, I think if we incorporated Nth Screen into this project then we would get a unique view from the point of the protesters about how events that day were unfolding.


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