Creating Props in Photoshop

While I wasn’t tasked exclusively with prop sourcing I agreed as I have some photoshop skills I would try to create some of the props required to help tell our story. We required some fake ‘final demand’ bills for our character to discover as well as some family photos that showed both our adult characters as a couple.

Creating the final demand documents was pretty easy and just involved some cloning of areas to enable me to replace names and addresses on stock images. These didn’t have to be too detailed as the camera wouldn’t be giving an extreme close up but they had to look realistic from a distance.

warning 3


The more complicated task was in the creation of the family photographs. We asked all of our actors to provide images of when they were younger for us to use in these images. Luckily our female actor had a younger daughter and she agree for us to use her photos in our project. I took all of the images and manipulated them in photoshop to create a set of family images that showed our characters as a couple.

Original Images

Final Photoshopped Images



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