Meeting With Emma Routley – National Museum Wales

Meeting With Emma Routley – National Museum Wales

We have a arranged a meeting with Emma Routley who is a project manager for the national museum of Wales. She is based at the national museum in Cardiff but travels to various museums around South Wales. Emma works mainly with youth and community groups and her job is to promote the museums to these groups and arrange learning and community activities.

The aim of the meeting was to explain in more detail what the scope of an interactive project could offer the museum and get an idea for the type of location that we could use to create our project. We showed Emma examples of other interactive projects based at heritage attractions such as Splash and Ripples ‘A knights Peril’, we also explained about how we used interactive elements to create our trans media narrative project ‘The Bristol Hum’ in our second year. Initially I had pitched using the museum of the welsh soldier in Cardiff Castle to Emma as I felt this was an under developed museum which could benefit from an improved attraction but Emma suggested St Fagans would probably be more suitable for this kind of project and she suggesting using the Castle at St Fagans as it has a long history and could possible add more of a character driven story.

Emma was excited by our plans and said she would work with us to get permissions to create the project and she would liaise between ourselves and the museum to come up with a suitable story structure. She explained some of the reasons why there has been a lack of investment by Museums around interactivity, this was mainly due to implementation costs amid tighter budgets but mainly because of the costs of updating and maintaining these systems which is an investment the museums simply can’t afford in the long run.


After our meeting we explored the National Museum just to see if it had any modern forms of interactivity. It was interesting to see projections being used but this was really the limit of modern technology implementation at this site. I left feeling positive that we could perhaps bring innovative new approaches to the museums exhibits and create something that cost very little to implement and maintain but would have a lasting effect on the museums popularity.


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