St Fagans Museum Project Possible Structure

St Fagans Museum Project Possible Structure

I’ve started to develop some story ideas for our St Fagans Project. as we are planning on basing it at the St Fagans castle i looked toward the history of the castle as a stately home first and then a convalescence hospital during the war, I’d like to bring both elements into the story if i can.


In terms of Audience we are thinking of attracting educational visitors and school groups of around 9/10 years of age. With this in mind I was thinking of using the stately home owners children as characters and maybe a Jack in a box as a prop that can be carried around the story and used as an interactive tool .


To incorporate the hospital element I decided to incorporate some of the artwork that the patients were producing during the war. One piece stuck out, a small butterfly that I thought could be concealed in the Jack in a box.

My idea is that a group will arrive at the museum and discover one of the artifacts is missing, using the jack in a box they will explore the museum trying to locate this missing object (The Butterfly) During the journey they will learn about the history of the castle through interactive elements housed in the jack in a box and with contact with improvising actors. At the end of the story the jack in a box will open to reveal the missing object that has been there all along and can now be returned to the museums display.




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