Reflection on St Fagans Concept

Reflection on St Fagans Concept

Over the past couple of days I’ve taken the decision to ‘Shelve’ my concept for the St Fagans museum interactive experience, there are a number of obstacles that are preventing the project moving forward which i’ll briefly explain below.

When thinking about my project this year i reflected on some of the areas that have caused projects to fail in the past. Looking back over the past two years access has been the primary headache for our projects be it locations to film Drama or contributors for documentaries; with this in mind I decided to focus on access before ideas when thinking about my final year project.

I had a contact at the national museum of wales. I really wanted to make an interactive project after the success i had in year 2 with ‘The Bristol Hum’ and I thought a museum exhibit would be an ideal project to approach. Initially I planed to focus on the museum of welsh soldiers in Cardiff as I knew my contact had connections and I felt it had under utilised exhibits that would be ideal for development.

I prepared a proposal based on the Museum of the Welsh shoulder and myself and Hannah-Jane churchman arranged to meet my contact. We met at the National Museum in Cardiff and discussed some of the techniques we could use to create and interactive project for the museum. My contact was very excited by the proposal and said they’d love to help out. She suggested using The St Fagans museum of welsh life and so we proceeded with this as a project and began developing ideas.

Over the course of the next few weeks we had little communication from my contact at the museum, we found it hard to arrange a meting and get names of people we should talk two. We needed to move quickly to create a story. After visiting the museum we found it was a great location but needed a firm contact who could provide us with background information and possible story themes and this sadly wasn’t forthcoming at this time.

During the pitches I pitched an initial Idea I had for a possible story, I got support from my tutors and a crew started to form. Planning the story became increasingly more difficult because of the lack of contact, access and the fact that the location was so far away. Last week my initial contact did get in touch about filming a separate project for the museum, this was a short promotional film to highlight a local Chartism commemorative event. During this filming i was inspired by the people we were talking to and the stories they had to tell about the subject and I was also feeling proud that these people were highlighting a story close to me.

Over the past few days I’ve decided that it will be  more appropriate to change my project idea. I’d like to focus on telling a story local to me in the same sort of way we envisioned the St Fagans project (interactive/online) but with the benefit of it being much more local, open access to locations, a large number of potential stories and contributors who can help tell those stories. There is also a need for this story to be told as the council (Newport) actively tries to promote it’s Chartism history. i can still use my Museum contact but now this won’t be my only contact so hopefully planning can be easier. The location close to my home will also allow for easier access in terms of prototyping ideas and location recces.

Reflecting on my original idea it has lead me to this new one indirectly so the work put in initially wasn’t wasted time. There is also the possibility of picking this project up in the future after my university studies are complete and I can take a longer term approach to planning and implementation.



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