Journal – Crowd Funding Second Meeting – Rewards & Timeframes

This afternoon we had our second meeting with Lydia and Hannah about crowdfunding for our short film ‘Behind Closed Doors’. Last week we met and they initially described the process to us and what we needed to do to make it successful including rewards, info and updates.


Over the past week we’ve come up with a selection of rewards which will help us hopefully to raise the £1000 we think we need to create the film.

Lowest Reward – £5 Massive Thanks and A Digital Download and Name in the credits

(40 – £200)

Low Reward – £10 – Half hour live Q&A online (google hangouts) After film release + Digital Download & Name in Credits (20 – £200)

Mid Reward – £20 – Signed Movie Poster or Signed Printed Production Still (your choice) + Live Q&A, Download and Credit (10 –  £200)

Mid Reward – £30 Both Signed poster and print plus Q&A, Download, Credit (5 – £150)

High Reward – £40 ‘Pick a Prop’ Donate a prop to be included in the film (from list) + Signed Poster, Q&A, Digital Download (3 – £120)

£50 – Thank you you’ve helped fund our festivals. Receive all rewards and Exec Producer

Total £970

In the meeting today we went over these rewards. Myself and Sinead were under the impression that we had to limit the rewards so that we could only make the amount required. Lydia said we did not have to limit the rewards so we decided that all rewards except the most expensive Two (Exec-Producer & Submit a prop) would be unlimited, We could then hopefully use any extra money towards improving our production.

After pricing up Posters at around £6 for creation and despatch to the backer Hannah suggested we offer handwritten postcards as an alternative to Posters and prints. These would be cheaper to send out in the post, offer a personal touch and maybe more useful as people don’t tend to display posters anymore. Hannah also suggested that they should be more original than normal movie posters so that they are more exclusive and fan orientated.

We have tried to focus on rewards that don’t cost us anything to produce like the google hangouts video chat and movie download & credit. With this in mind we decided to replace the £30 poster and Print option with a signed script.

We decided that the incremental rewards would include all previous rewards, this way there is an incentive for backers to move up a level as they will not loose any of the previous rewards and a small step may mean they are prepared to offer more money to move up a level.


Initially we were looking at launching Crowdfunding in December but after some discussions about peoples willingness to give during this time we have decided to kick off the crowdfunding at the end of January. As we will not have to pay our actors until after filming this will suit our production schedule; this timescale will also be beneficial because we will be able to see how our funding is coming along before production and determine if we need to make any changes to the budget.

In order to make the crowdfunding successful Lydia and Hannah have advised us on the importance of good social media, essentially building an audience for the crowdfunding before it begins. We are looking at using Twitter and Facebook for more official updates such as the trailers and posters promotion, this will begin at the start in December to give enough time to build an audience before the January crowd fund launch. We will be using Instagram for more ‘Behind the scenes’ style updates, these can begin sooner with photos of production meetings, filming of sizzler and more genera updates.

Lydia and Hannah will set up our social media sites for us using images we will provide when finalised. They agreed that we will provide them with media such as treatments and more in depth posts but they will offer day to day general updates to help promote the film.


Stock Images For Sizzler Pond 5

This Monday we will be filming our ‘Sizzler’ film for ‘Behind Closed Doors’. A Sizzler is a term I first came across while doing work experience for the Wild Screen Wildlife Film Festival in Bristol. When presenting new programme ideas, producers were showing us a ‘Sizzler’ of their next project, These were short highlight videos of programmed that act as a little teaser of what to expect when watching the final product. Sizzler’s are used as part of a pitching process to wet the audiences appetite.

We will be using our Sizzler to help us during the pitch and we have also planned to use it through our social media campaign and in our crowd funding programme to help attract and audience and gain funding.

Our Sizzler will be a number of key object shots which help tell the story in the final film, these shots will be shot cinematically and have a lot of focus on diegetic sound, the aim is to create a visual and audio pice that will cement the tone of the film with the audience and make them interested to see the final story. We chose to use objects as these raise questions, give great options for diegetic sound and also will save us having to show characters who haven’t been cast yet.

One of the shots we are filming on Monday is a family photograph being tossed into an open fire. As casting has not started yet we needed to get a suitable photograph to use for this scene, Looking through my own and other peoples family photographs I couldn’t find anything suitable with a couple and a young baby so I looked to the internet instead.

As the Sizzler will be viewed online it was important to consider copyright, I couldn’t just download an image form the internet. I’ve been using a stock site Pond 5 for a number of video and audio requirements in the past so I decided to check there for stock photographs. There were a number of suitable options for purchase and after contacting our Director we agreed on a photograph/Family to be our stand in characters for the scene.

The 2 images i purchased cost £3 each. I then took these to a photo-lab to get them professionally printed. I could have printed them out cheaper at home but I felt as this was a very cinematic close up shot we needed to see this was a real photograph and it needed to also burn the way a real photograph would when placed on a fire.


Developing the photographs was an easy process, it took less than 5 minutes and cost under £4 for 8 photographs. I printed 4 of each photograph to allow for any mess ups.


Casting “90 Seconds of Love” [Working Title]

’90 Seconds of Love’

90 seconds of loveactor 1

Project Overview:

Written and Directed by Hannah-Jane Churchman and Produced by Gareth Croft. A Short film as part of a second year film and media course at UWE Bristol.

“90 seconds of love” is a story that follows the journey of a 7 year old girl seeking to answer the question “what is love?”.We explore, through this girls memories, love as seen by a child.”

Casting Details:

We are currently auditioning for a voice over role with the aim to using a voice over throughout the piece to compliment the visual narrative. We are looking to cast a male or female between the ages of 5 and 8 years old and have a particularly ‘innocent’ tone. we have a very low budget for this project so unfortunately cannot make any payments for time or expenses. All actors and crew will be working on a voluntary basis.

The role will require the Actor to read a short page of script using their natural tone and accent. The Actor will be required for approximately 2 hours on the day of recording and will need to be chaperoned by a Parent or Guardian at all times. The ability to learn and recite a small amount of text would be beneficial but not essential.

Recording is due to take place on the 20th March 2016 in the Newport area. The date is subject to change.

Initial auditions will be conducted through email and will require the Parent/Guardian to record a short voice clip of the Actor reading a piece of set dialogue (Below). The voice clips can be recorded by any means and we suggest using a microphone app on a smart phone. The short voice clip should then be emailed to the address below alongside details of the child’s first name, age, Parents/Guardians contact details and address.

After reviewing auditions we will make further contact to arrange further auditions if required. We will try to contact all applicants but may not be able to contact all unsuccessful applicants.

Audition Details:

If you feel your child may be suitable for this role then please record them reading one (or both) of the two sentences below (script). The quality of the recording is not important at this stage. We suggest using a microphone app on a smart phone that will enable you to save and email the file. Once you have made the recording(s) then please email them as an attachment to: with the subject line: Casting Along with the contact details of the Parent/Guardian, The child’s first name and age.

Entrees should be submitted by 14/02/2016 (Sunday)


“Love is when my mummy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK.”

“Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well.”

Important Information

When allowing a child to audition for a role it’s important not to get their hopes up so please bear this in mind when talking to your child. All submitted entries and contact information will be confidential and not passed onto any third party. All auditions will be destroyed by 20/03/2016 and contact details removed. All actors will be chaperoned by consenting parents/guardians at all times on the day of production and written permission to record and edit recordings will be required from the consenting parent/guardian before production commences. In line with Government guidelines for children working in entertainment, actors should not have worked more than 3 days in the past 6 months.This is a voluntary role and no payment will be given for either time nor expenses in connection to this role.  

Thank You for reading and good luck! If you have an further question then please contact us on the above address and we will do our best to reply swiftly.